About Us

There are 50 million Latinos living in the United States and are predicted to be the majority population by 2050 based on their current growth.  The states with the largest Latino populations are California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey/New York, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.  This population growth means there are critical issues facing Latinos requiring public policy and political interventions, including and not limited to:  Education, Business, Economic Development, Health, Housing, Employment, the Environment, Leadership, and Civic Participation.

The Perez Factor is dedicated in providing opinions, perspectives and information in an objective manner with the goal of providing a voice to those who feel they are not being heard.  Our mission is to compete against the many radio and television talking heads who continuously express their opinions and perspectives without concern about how accurate their information is or who they hurt along the way.

We encourage the submission of well developed articles that meet our goals and mission.