Thursday, July 29, 2010

TOP Ten parts of Arizona new law not blocked

TOP Ten parts of Arizona new law not blocked
By Al Carlos Hernandez,

A Federal judge ruled that major portions of Arizona's SB 1070 were illegal, leaving other portions in tact.  Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez provides the TOP TEN portions not blocked:

10. Unlawful to wear spandex if you are short and weigh over 175 pounds.

9. If 4 Men ride in a one seater, the vehicle must be an automatic, not a stick shift.

8. Cannot hire a day laborer who is more attractive than your significant other.

7. Non-Latinos cannot wear Sombreros to Church picnics.

6. "My Mama" is now an acceptable response when asked where you came from.

5. "Your Mama" is still inappropriate.

4. Although illegal, employers who hire undocumented will get work done quickly.

3. Protesters arrested will still be predominantly Gringos who wear sandals.

2. Drug dealers are encouraged to run so they can be beat down and jailed.

1. Still no good reason not to get legal.

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