Thursday, September 16, 2010

Latino haters destroying America

“Goose-stepping” Latino haters destroying America
By John Neri

It is frustrating to see grown, educated men take extreme efforts to devour this great country for the sake of spreading their hatred of Latinos in America.  From Arizona’s SB 1070 to Delaware’s move to adopt similar legislation (as if Latinos really want to live there) are direct efforts to undermine federal authority, pushing for the regionalization of the country, and essentially undermining what the U.S. Constitution says.

More recently, a so called constitutional instructor, Kris Kobach of Kansas and a candidate for that state’s Secretary of State post, has decided to partner with America’s number one hater of Latinos, Arizona Senator Russell Pearce (SB 1070 author), to write a new law banning births from illegal immigrants.  These so called God fearing men use the term “anchor babies” to derogatorily describe God’s gift to humans.

The U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment says that most babies born in this country are citizens automatically.  What these two public figures want to do is create state laws requiring that at least one parent be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.  They are modeling the law after what some European countries have already done.  These same two guys go around waving the American Flag and telling all of us how they love America, Praise Jesus, and yet they would rather see the U.S. function like another country and desecrate the Bible. 

Undocumented immigrants come here for the opportunity America offers, including employment and entrepreneurialism.  They take the jobs America does not want to do, but is willing to pay for them being done.  They stand at street corners selling fruit to make a living and not begging for change to buy alcohol or drugs.  More importantly, they come here seeking refuge from the oppression and poverty experienced in their country.

The French were not wrong when they gave us the Statue of Liberty to greet the oppressed, the sick, the poor.  We continuously offer a helping hand to peoples across the face of the Earth, including those who are interested in killing us like some Afghanis, Iranians, and radical Muslims.  So why are some so called American leaders interested in denying opportunities for Latino immigrants, specifically?

If Mr. Kobach and Mr. Pearce don’t like America, they are welcome to leave.  Many Latinos, if not all, are tired of being the tale end of their hate and mind polluting rhetoric.  There are much bigger issues that need immediate attention, including addressing this stubborn recession, which was not caused by undocumented immigrants.  We need leaders that will make America great again and not try to dismantle the country piece by piece.

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